About Me

Firstly let me get this out of the way...


I know what it's like being asked to stand awkwardly and pose with a smile on your face, it feels uncomfortable for a lot of people.

That is why I always aim to capture natural, un-posed and relaxed shots of you, your family and guests.

This is one of maybe two photographs of me that I actually don't mind, that's my daughter Emma with me, she's my world.

I've always loved photography ever since my Dad let me have a go of his camera as a child, we were on holiday in Cornwall somewhere and I managed to get a great photograph of a sunset, better than the one my Dad took and I was hooked.

I studied Graphic Design at college in the early 90's but rather than go on to University I took a different path and then spent the next 20 Years unhappy in a job that I didn't like, so rather than waste another 20 years doing the same thing I made the most of the opportunity and decided to go back to college in Septemer 2013 to study Photography and Image Editing, coming out of all of my courses with distinctions.

I worked alongside St.Helens Chamber and in June 2014 my business plan was signed off and I officially launched Stuart Morris Photography...

It's been a roller coaster ride, It's growing week to week and I can't imagine EVER seeing myself going back to the old job because now I actually love what I do, it's a pleasure getting up to go to work.



Also, a very special thank you to Donna for her support and giving me the belief and the odd kick to make this all happen.