Weddings and Frequently Asked Questions

Group Shots? Absolutely! This is probably the most boring bit for your guests, hanging around waiting to be called for their photograph to be taken when they'd rather be off enjoying themselves, that's why I always try to get them finished off quickly, make sure they're all done in about half an hour or so and then they can get back to having fun again, there's always the standard list I work from on the day but if there's any specific shots you'd like, family or friends that have travelled in especially? Just let me know!

How many photos will we get? There's no limit on the number of photographs I'll take, I'd never say that's it, camera down, you've got your 500 now just as you're about to start your first dance, it really is a case of the more that's happening on the day, the more photos you'll get from the day!

So when will our photographs be ready? Usually 4-6 weeks as a guide but I'll always try to get them to you sooner if I can, I'd rather take my time and get them right for you, no rushing, it'll be worth the wait. I'll always post one or two sneak peeks on Facebook or Instagram for you to have a look at and share while you're patiently waiting for the rest.

Can we print them ourselves? No problem, go for it! You'll have permission for your own personal use, so print and share away! In fact you'll even have a second set of the photographs correctly sized for Facebook and other Social Media platforms so they'll look their best to share with family and friends! That's as well as a secure, password protected gallery for viewing online, share the link and password with whoever you choose and they'll be able to view all of the photographs too, not just the few that are on Facebook. Oh and there's an online shop so they can also order photo canvas prints for themselves!

Can we pick the photographs for the album? Yes definitely, I'll be designing with with you so you'll see exactly what it'll look like before we put the order in. As a guide, it's recommended to try and aim for 2.5 photographs per page for a bit of flexibilty with designing the album, On a 20 page album you'd be looking to pick 50 to go in there, I'll always try to fit a few more in if the design works better though. You can always add more pages in anyway if you're struggling to choose just 50 photos! If you want, you can also upgrade your album and there's loads and loads of design choices available to tailor the album to exactly the way you want it, let's create a one off!!

Do you have a back up camera, just in case? Yes! It's just too important not to in case something stopped working, I always have 2 professional cameras on me, a spare in the car, not to mention back up lenses, flashes, memory cards and batteries too. Once I'm back working in the office, I'll have finished editing your wedding photographs and they'll be winging their way to you, at the same time they'll all be getting backed up across several hard drives and stored securely online in the cloud (for at least a year) Make your own copies too, as many as you like, just in case! You can never be too careful.

What do we do if the weather is rubbbish? Don't worry it happens sometimes, it's ok honestly, I only use professional cameras and lenses but more importantly, as a professional photographer having the experience to adapt to these situations quickly is vital so as not to disrupt your special day and continuing to capture beautiful photographs so if you don't mind maybe getting a bit wet and going for a stomp around the grounds in the rain then neither do I, it'll be good fun and we'll get some great shotsI!

My friend's got a nice camera, I could get them to do it and save a lot of money? You could but you'd probably end up regretting it, imagine looking back in 20 years time and wishing you'd got all those wow shots like you see all the time on Insta. Missing all those funny, natural, one-off moments because they turned out too dark or blurry. A professional photographer will have photographed lots of weddings and dealt with lots of different situations, they'll have the experience to ensure your day goes as smoothly as it can and they'll have the technical knowledge too. They'll have equipment worth thousands of pounds and know exactly how to use it, they'll have spares and know what to do if something breaks but mainly, WE KNOW HOW TO TAKE GREAT PHOTOS!! Photographs that you'll love and cherish for the rest of your lives, we're dedicated to providing you with stunning images and we really do love what we do!!