Digitally restored to bring your old photographs back to life!

This amazing photograph is over 120 years old and was printed on glass. It was scanned in and digitally cleaned removing all marks, dust spots and scratches, sharpened and the colour adjusted to restore it back to what it once was.


This photograph was taken during World War II, it had been folded and kept in a frame with an oval mount. The creases and scratches were removed as well as bringing back the colour to match the original and removing the part of the photograph were the sun had faded the image.

A large 20 x 24 inch photo print from the early 80's that had fallen from the wall, the glass smashed and it had scratched the print.

It was too big to fit on the scanner in one go, so i had to split into four seperate scans, one corner at a time.

I zoomed in close on each individual scan, it was then checked in detail thoroughly and all of the scratches were removed.

Once all of the scratches had been taken out I then checked through in detail again removing any marks from the original print.

After all of the marks and scratches had been cleaned up the four separate scans were pieced back together and colour matched.

The original print had faded over time so I boosted the colour and contrast so it would look more like it did when it was first printed.