Chester Wedding Photography • Helen & David 04.05.2019

I've not shot at Craxton Wood before, it's a gerogeous traditional country house and is set in acres of tranquil and beautiful woodland. This was only a short day for me for this wedding and it started with coverage of the wedding guests arriving, button holes being pinned to lapels, a few drinks and guests chatting while waiting for the Bride Helen's big arrival. As the guests were ushered into the magnificent Craxton Suite, with its' full length windows ensuring the room is covered in natural light and as well as being perfect for lighting the ceremony it also makes for some great photographs afterwards. Helen soon arrived in a fantastic old chauffeur driven Daimler Limousine from Chester Wedding Cars along with her beautiful Bridesmaid daughter Jodie, 2 cute little flower girls and the rest of her wedding party. As she stepped out of the wedding car full of smiles I got the chance to see and photograph Helen in her gorgeous Stella York wedding dress for the first time, she looked stunning and was perfectly complimented by her beautifully simple, muted colours of Bridal bouquet by Jenny's Flowers.Jodi, Helen's daughter wearing a lovely Bridesmaid dress from Monsoon and the little Flowergirls wearing dresses from Roco Clothing completed the girls entourage. Nikki the stylist from Scott and Griffiths Hairdressing in Chester was in charge of the girls hair and there's a special shoutout for talented Bridesmaid Jodi, who took care of the makeup! The Groom and his all party wearing suits from Groom in Chester, David's speech was very funny, and as a tip for the future if you're in line to come up with a speech yourself, it's really nice to hear amusing stories rather than Googling funny wedding speeches and one-liners, it makes it much more personal and gives much more natural reactions to the speeches from the guests. Not to leave any suppliers out, Wirral Balloon Company and Mel's Amazing Cakes, well I'm sure you can guess from the names how they contributed to Helen and David's amazing day, a genuinely lovely couple and it's so obvious how much they genuinly both mean to each other, congratuations and best wishes for the future to you both, thank you for letting me be a part of your day.

wedding guest fastens button hole to the grooms lapel

wedding guest shows off his sneaky hip flask

groom opens the ring box

best man and usher attend to a baby in a buggy

wedding guest stands in the doorway on the red carpet watching for the bride

wedding car drives the bride up the road leading to craxton wood

big smiles from the bride as shes helped out of the car by the chauffeur

flower girls helped out the limo by the chauffeur

baby sitting on the ushers knee at craxton wood waiting for the bride

groom and best man sitting waiting for the bride share a joke and laugh

flower girls dropping white petals as they walk down the aisle on the red carpet

beaming smile as the bride leans to get a better look down the aisle arm in arm with her father

groom lloks to the sky as a wedding guest films the bride walking down the aisle on his phone

bride smiles as she arrives at the top of the aisle supported by her dad

groomm smiles as he sees his bride for the first time

young baby grabs for the bridesmaids bouquet

groom wipes a tear away from his eye with a tissue

groom looks at his bride both smiling during the ceremony

bride tilts her head to the side listening to the registrar talk

bride looks at the groom smiling in front of the registrar at craxton wood

shot over the shoulder of a guest giving a reading as the bride and groom look on

flower girl sitting on her mums knee scrunches up her face

bride laughs at the groom as he stumbles over his vows

best man struggles totake the ring box out of his pocket at craxton wood

groom puts the brides ring on her finger

close up of the bride putting the grooms ring on his finger

bride and groom smiling during the ceremony at craxton wood

bride and grooms first kiss as mr and mrs

big smiles from the bride and groom after tying the knot at craxton wood

brde signs the register watched by the groom and the registrar

bride and groom looking at each other after signing the register at craxton wood

bride and groom smiling as  they walk up the aisle at craxton wood

wedding guests smiling and chatting with the bride after the ceremony

bride shot from behind as she holds a glass of champagne with a strawberry floating in it

bride smiling while drinking champagne with the wedding guests


groom gets a hug off one of the wedding guests after the ceremony

bride smiling wide as a guest has her arms outstretched to give her a hug

smiles from the bride and groom as they pose foor a photo inside the wedding car shot through the door

bridesmaid poses with her partner and young baby outside craxton wood

bridesmaid poses with her mum the bride in the gardens at craxton wood

close shot of the flower girls shot from behind with the flower basket resting over the arm

wedding guests chatting and enjoying a drink at craxton wood

bride smiles holding her bouquet and chatting with a wedding guest at craxton wood

bride and groom kissing in front of a large window at craxton wood framed by curtains with the garden visible in the background

bride and groom set off laughing by the metal pergola in thee gardens at craxton wood

bride and groom high five in the gardens at craxton wood

focus on the brides bouquet as the newlyweds high five each other

bride rest her hand on the grooms shoulder pulling a face as he laughs

bride and groom laughing and smiling as she rests a hand on his shoulder in the garden of craxton wood

large mr and mrs balloons floating about the top table

wedding cake at craxton wood hotel

helen and david cut out cake topper

groom laughing and the bride smiling during his wedding speech

man of honour laughs during the grooms speech

groom kisses the bridemaid on the cheek during his wedding speech

groom hugs a wedding guest during his speech at craxton wood

father of the bride reads through his wedding speech sitting next to his daughter

groom pulls a face and puffs out his cheeks as the bride laughs during his wedding speech

bride laughs out loud as her father starts his speech pointing at the note paper

bride and groom laughing during the father of the bride speech at craxton wood

groom adjusts his collar as the bride raises a bottle of lager during the wedding speeches

bride and groom crack off laugihing and raise a glass of champagne during the father of the bride speech at craxton wood hotel

groom and bride laughing as she waves to one of the wedding guests

bride and groom kiss and clink glasses of champagne in a toast shot through a group of wedding guests

bride smiles past the groom at her daugther the bridesmaid at craxton wood hotel

bride groom and bridesmaid laughing during the wedding speeches

one of the wedding guests videos the best mans speech on her phone

groom laughing loudly as the bride gives him a sideways glance biting her lip

groom laughing loudly and clapping his hands as the bride laughs at the best mans speech

groom laughing as the bride smiling puts the back of her hand to her forehead during the best mans speech at craxton wood hotel

groom and best man hugging after the speeches

bride takes a swig from a bottle of beer as the groom smiles behind her